Questions On Cloud Computing Fundamentals Essay

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2.1 Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Cloud computing is a model for allowing convenient on-demand access from anywhere to a shared pool of computing resources. These can include servers’ storage, networking, applications, and services that can be rapidly and easily provisioned and released. The cloud model includes five essential characteristics: On-demand self-service: This allows users to quickly and automatically get access to the IT resources that they want without requiring any additional human interaction. Broad network access: This is the ability to access the service from any standard device that 's connected to the network including PCs laptops mobile phones or tablets. Resource pooling: Compute networking and storage are pooled and shared across multiple customers. Rapid elasticity: This allows you to quickly scale or shrink the capabilities of your cloud to match the level of user demand. Metering: This tracks and controls the level of resource usage or the cost of that usage. Customers generally choose one of three options for their cloud deployments either public, private or hybrid cloud. Private cloud: Is provisioned for the exclusive use of a single organization. The infrastructure is usually owned managed and operated by the organization within its own firewall. Public cloud: Is an infrastructure that is open for use by the general public. This type of cloud is owned, managed and operated by a cloud service provider and runs on the provider 's

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