Questions On Delay Payment For Business Advisory Services

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Based on the findings, we can observe the main types of issues reported by the public which consisted of Delay Payment, Difficulty in Obtaining Financing, Difficulty in Obtaining Land, Inconvenient Process, Lack of information regarding the latest business landscape, Requesting for business advisory services, Posing enquiries and other type of issues (Refer to Appendix D for chart illustrations on these issues)
Focusing solely on delay payment, the issue constituted 220 out of the total 551 issues reported with the equivalent of 39.9%. On February 2016, the issues only comprised of 9% of 89 issues. Then on March 2016, it constituted 4% of 72 issues. Delay payment comprised 39% of 137 issues reported in April 2016. 17% of 71 issues reported on May 2016. On June 2016, it constituted 72% of 101 issues logged in and 87% of 81 issues reported on July 2016. It is the highest type of issues reported on April, June and July, it also command relatively large percentages compare to other issues on February and May.
According to DARE (2016), delay payment is a postponed in financial transaction outside the contractual agreement between two entities, after services or goods are provided. In Brunei, this often happens between government and business vendors, whereby the common situation is when businesses attended to government tender and encountered delay payment from government entities.
Few vendors who encountered the problem are also feeling discourage to filed their complaints with

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