Questions On Human Resource Management

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Introduction 2
HRM in China 2
The Labour Market 2
State-owned enterprises (SOEs) 2
HR Challenges for foreign enterprises 2
1.3.1 Recruitment and selection 2
1.3.2 Training and Development 3
HRM in Japan 3
Lifelong Employment 3
A Seniority-based wage system 4
Enterprise Unions 4
Japan’s future 5
Comparing China and Japan 5
Business Etiquettes in China 5
Business Etiquette in Japan 6
Conclusion 7

Human Resource Management is one of the most important functions in an organization designed primarily for the management of people within the organization, focusing on systems and policies. Also known as HR it typically undertakes a number of activities such as employee recruitment, employee benefits, training & development, rewarding and performance appraisal. With Human Resource being so complex it also faces a lot of challenges especially when the company wants to open a branch in another city/country than the home country. Most of these challenges are relating to cultural differences, fundamental differences etc. In this report we talk about two such countries namely China and Japan. We look into HRM in China and Japan and compare the similarities and differences between them.

HRM in China

The Labour Market
The Chinese labour market has a vast pool of aging and poorly qualified candidates. The availability of young workers is declining especially of young women due the selective female fetus abortions and the cultural preference for male…
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