Questions On Managerial Leadership Skills

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Self-Assessment #2 (Chapter 1): Managerial Leadership Skills Chapter 1’s, Self-Assessment 2 indicated that I preferred working with technology (Lussier & Achua, P.32). I scored a 17 on the questions related to technical skills, which tested higher than both interpersonal and decision-making skills. The results of self-assessment 2 were accurate. Technology has always been a fascination of mines and I am always eager to learn more as technology advances. In my free time, I often find myself spending countless hours analyzing features on cell phones, computers, HD televisions, game consoles, etc. I received my first laptop back in 2005. Two years after receiving my very first laptop, it caught a serious virus. I had two options, one,…show more content…
I consider myself an above average decision maker. In the past, I was forced to make some very tough decisions. For example, I originally intended to enroll in the Master Program for Organizational Change at Hawaii Pacific University. It was my first option and I really wanted to attend the school. However, I could not do so, due to some unfortunate circumstances. Tuition was extremely expense, so was the cost of living. I had a sizeable amount of funds in my savings account, but it was not enough to cover long-term costs. My options were to go to Hawaii and take a chance or play it safe and stay close to home. Self-Assessment #1 (Chapter 2): Big Five-Personality Profile In Chapter 2’s Self-Assessment 1, I scored the highest in the conscientiousness section. Conscientiousness personality dimension includes traits of dependability and integrity (pg.33). The people who know me best will probably agree that I am a dependable person. I am always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Two months ago, my younger brother called me and asked could he borrow $200 for rent. At the time, he already owed me money, but he knew that I would still be reliable in his time of need. Honestly, I did not want to lend him the money, but I understood his situation. Three months later, I still have not been reimbursed. All I have is the reputation for being dependable. Obviously, being such a reliable person has worked to my disadvantage. In the
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