Questions On My Nursing Supervisor

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I am responding to the CC question on page 129. On this critical challenge question it asks about a recent interaction I have witnessed, and how if I were the sender would replay the interaction the same or if I would do it differently? This past week I have witness my nursing supervisor, dismiss and important request from a floor charge nurse in the facili¬¬ty I happen to work at. We have a very high turnover of staff in the facility, especially when it comes to CNAs. On my scenario there was a novice CNA that was working on the unit that I am going to call Sunny Day Unit, which is a long-term dementia unit. Normally there is an assigned CNA that stays on the floor to monitor 2 high fall risk patients and feed 4 residents that require extensive assistance with their meals. There was a seasoned CNA and the novice CNA working on the evening shift on that unit. The supervisor decided that she wanted the novice CNA to stay on the unit to learn the dinner routine of the floor. The seasoned CNA and the floor charge nurses spoke their concerns about leaving someone with no experience of the floor structure and the risk of a potential fall happening. The charge nurses then express her feelings on wanting the seasoned CNA to stay on the unit instead. The supervisor brushed it off the nurses concern, and was firm about her decision on keeping the novice CNA on the unit. The supervisor stated that the novice CNA needed to learn the floor, and that the HR personal had stated the same

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