Questions On Problems With Schooling

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vThe Problems With Schooling Schools were made to teach students but after graduating from school student are left with information that is taught to them in a bland way. Because of the bland teaching styles from strict school standards the information is forgotten. Having students read a book and lecturing to students does not engage them it only makes for less participation and failure. It makes the students not want to go to school, but if a change in the school system was to happen students could learn easier and not struggle in any subject. Change in schooling needs to happen The essays “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose, the essay “Against School” by John Taylor Gatto, and “Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore. All of these authors believe change needs to happen. They all speak of their school and the problems they had with the education system. Some of the problems that need solved in the education system are simple however some are not so simple such as, engaging lessons, and freedom of choice on which school to attend, making schools seem less like a prison for students and better accommodations for students with disabilities. How can this change,this can change by engaging lessons and well thought out solutions. A change can happen that will make going to school fun even for students.
The first problem with the school is how common core dictates how the teachers help students learn. This is not how common core or national standards should run schools. Teachers…
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