Questions On Reasons For Slowed Growth Essay

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Problem “Celerita executives disagreed on reasons for slowed growth. Each SVP (Senior Vice President) maintained that his or her own area was running smoothly and that other units had dropped the ball (Beer and Vargas, 2).Boyer tried working with an expert in organizational effectiveness, but nothing worked with the recommendations the consultant made, so he brought in Carla Reese; a heavyweight expert with fast-growing high tech companies (Beer and Vargas, 2). Reese found the issues were: “Lack of Trust and communication among Executive Management Team Inconsistent decision making Confusion about goals and priorities Poor Coordination among Divisions” (Beer and Vargas, 3). Issue one says that the team was dysfunctional in this area because Resses asked the SVPs to give their input about interview quotes, but only one person was willing to step and speak, when everyone else would not. The issues according to them lied in their different communication styles and abilities. It is like speaking another language. While issues were being discussed, people took things personally; it went from discussing communication issues to ability issues, to negative response issues to defensive issues (Beer and Vargas, 4). Issue two says that there are people going behind others back to secretly get decisions made in their favor instead of as a team. There have been decision reversals after teammates state their claims and Boyer feels as though he has no reason to explain his decisions to

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