The Theory And Educational Philosophy Essay

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My whole childhood I always dreamed about being a teacher. During school breaks, weekends, and summers, I would set up a “classroom” in my basement and my friends and I would play school. I would be the teacher most of the time. It takes a very special person to be a teacher, not everyone is teacher material. You have to be very patient, kind, and caring of all students you work with and encounter through your day and year. Throughout education there are six main philosophies to take into consideration, and they are as followed. From a teacher centered classroom approach they include Essentialism, Behaviorism, and lastly Positivism. In a student centered classroom approach they are Progressivism, Humanism, and Constructivism. What do these terms mean? Essentialism is and educational philosophy that there is a common core of information and skills that an educated person must have. Behaviorism is a psychological theory and educational philosophy that asserts that behaviors represent the essence of a person and that all behaviors can be explained. A person acts the way they do for a reason. Finally positivism is a social theory and educational philosophy that limits truth and knowledge to what is observed and measured. These are all important for a teacher to take into consideration. Progressivism is an educational philosophy that emphasizes that ideas should be tested by experiments and that learning is better developed in questions developed by the learner. Humanism is an

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