Questions On The Clash Of Cultures

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Mary Marrone Professor Chavez SOWK 536 10 September 2015 The Clash of Cultures The importance for social workers to understand communities from a professional perspective is to help eliminate any potential bias and emotional and/or physical attachment to the studied community. At the same time, the social worker views the studied community through the lens of residents living within that community without clouded judgment and fulfillment of personal agenda. This understanding helps the community generally and/or the specific families living within it link to the macro level of social work; where the social worker acts as a liaison (or linkage) between the studied community and policy makers. The benefit of this linkage between the mezzo and macro level can generate the flow of revenue within the studied community. But one must ask, what gets lost through this linkage? Some may argue that the dominating policies, laws, and or regulations (Budget) of white heteronormative society can lose historical and cultural context. MacArthur Park, which is located in the Westlake Neighborhood of Los Angeles California, was named after General Douglas MacArthur. Westlake is a neighborhood located in the Central L.A. region of Los Angeles County. Communities that neighbor Westlake include Downtown, East Hollywood, Echo Park, Koreatown, Pico-Union and Silver Lake. Wilshire Boulevard divides the park in two. The lake is located on the southern side, while the venues for
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