Questions On The Law Of The Pharmacy Technicians Essay

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Karthik Yamjala | HU ID: 113856
Harrisburg University
ISEM 525
Professor Shane Tomblin
Exercises 1.6 and 1.7 from Dumas

Exercise 1.6

1. What type of process is the above one: order-to-cash, procure-to-pay or issue-toresolution?
This process is order-to-cash
2. Who are the actors in this process?
The actors include the pharmacists, the pharmacy technicians, the insurance representatives, the doctors (if necessary), and the patient for whom the prescription belongs to
3. What value does the process deliver to its customer(s)?
The customer may retrieve their prescriptions in a timely manner that allows for them to quickly receive their order around a schedule that works for them. It also allows them to seamlessly receive their prescriptions by leaving the negotiation up to the doctor, insurance, and the pharmacist to ensure that all the needs are met before the patient receives their prescription, meaning that the only thing the patient is responsible for is payment, not the process.
4. What are the possible outcomes of this process?
There are several possible outcomes:
1. The patients insurance will cover the entire cost of the prescription(s) and the patient will not have to pay a co-payment
2. The patient’s insurance will partially cover the cost of the prescription(s) and they will be responsible for the co-payment
3. The patients insurance will not cover the cost of the prescription(s) and therefore, the pharmacist will either have to call the doctor to

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