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Prologue The prolog of the Red Scarf Girl is about Ji Li's life before the Cultural Revolution started. Before this time, her family was very stable. Ji Li was a respectable girl, who wore her red scarf around her neck, received very high marks in school, and was the top of her class. When Ji Li was twelve-year-old when the Cultural Revolution started. Ji Li does very well in school and is very successful. One day she gets called down to the principles office. A liberation army recruiter came to the school to select some children for the Central Liberation Army Arts Academy; Ji Li was chosen to attend the school. Her parents are worried and tell her not to go, even though she is very excited. She is upset by their decision, but…show more content…
This is the first big public statement that kind of started the Cultural Revolution. All the children in Ji Li class start making da-zi-bao's about the teachers and pasting them all over the school. One of them is made about Ji Li saying she had a relationship with one of the teachers and she is very upset. 4) Think about the children in Ji Li's School and how they treated each other. The da-zi-boa against Ji Li was obviously written by one of her classmates and that shows that children did not like her for a while, but now the Cultural Revolution is surfacing that hatred. Chapter 4 In this chapter you start to see the red guards emerging and becoming powerful. They are looked at as heroes to everyone, including the Jiang family. Her school decides to start an organization called "The Red Successors." This organization acts just like the red guards. Ji Li was originally nominated to be a red successor, but then a boy in her class, whose mother was on the neighborhood committee, said that the nominations should be done by class status instead of grades. Then he said that Ji Li's grandfather was a landlord and the family is a bunch of rightists. Then after everyone in her class discovering what her family was she was cornered after school by the successors and they said she had to change her ways. 1) As you read look at things that happen that could never happen in a democracy. In a democracy

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