Questions in Reference to Teaching While Working Full-Time in the Fire Service

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Questions in reference to teaching while working full-time in the fire service:
1) Has teaching improved your “on the job” performance in the fire service or vice versa, and if so in what ways has it done so?
“Teaching has both hurt me and helped me in the fire service. I have to keep up with the latest trends in the fire service. This is an advantage to most people as the fire service because it is reared that most crews keep up with current trends. Unfortunately, officers like there (old School) training so what I know is sometimes looked down upon as (textbook) firefighting.
2) How do you balance work, teaching and home life so that they all function smoothly together?
“Well, it has not always been easy, but my family has been my …show more content…

“My strengths I would say are that I’m very energetic and know the material well. I can keep a class entertained enough so they can learn. My weaknesses, when I teach I tell them the brutal truth, unfortunately that is not always politically correct or what the SCFA wants me to say. So I do spend allot of time in the SCFA office explaining my actions. I stay in trouble”
3) What do you do for students that are doing their best and still are not succeeding, passing or understanding the material or class that you are teaching?
“I find study groups work the best. If I can’t get the material across to them maybe a fellow student can. I try to organize them for longer classes.”
4) Have you infused any outside influences into your teaching and or curriculum?
“Yes my college education and physiological case studies of fire service personnel.”
5) What classes can you teach in your program?
“I can teach over 30 classes. I teach all the Firefighter curriculum al the way to IFSAC Firefighter II. I teach the driver operator curriculum completely through IFSAC Pump operator II and Arial Operations. I also teach several of the courses in the officer’s curriculum.
6) Is there a specific list of topics and texts you have to follow when planning a class, if so who mandates it and where do you go to retrieve this information?
“Yes, every course I teach has an instructor’s manual. They

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