Queueing Theory In Hospital Management

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Applications of queueing theory in hospital management: a literature review
This paper reviews the applications and usage of the queueing theory in the aspect of health care management problems. This paper review presents a way of optimizing the use of hospital resources in order to improve hospital care. A queueing model is used to determine the main characteristics of the access of patients to hospital beds, such as mean bed occupancy and the probability that hospital care demand is lost because all beds are occupied. The aim of this paper review is to provide detailed information to analysts who are interested in using queueing theory to model a health care process and want to look into a technique for optimizing the number of beds in order to maintain an acceptable delay probability at a sufficiently low level.
Queueing theory, hospital planning, bed management, literature review, Poisson process
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[1, 5] Queuing theory is applicable to any situation in general life ranging from cars arriving at filling stations for fuel, customers arriving at a bank for various services, customers at a supermarket waiting to be attended to by a cashier and in healthcare settings. [8, 3] Queuing theory can also be applied to the analysis of waiting lines in healthcare settings. Most of healthcare systems have excess capacity to accommodate random variations while some do not, so queuing theory analysis can be used as short term measures, or for facilities and resource planning. The major problem hospitals face

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