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Joe Zoellner 1. A friend has asked you which version of Windows 7 should be purchased to start a new multimedia-based home entertainment system. Your friend will not require business support features, but will require support communicating with an Xbox 360. Which version of Windows 7 do you recommend? C. Windows 7 Home Premium 2. Windows 7 supports only cooperative multitasking. True or False? False 3. The __ Processing Unit is a hardware component capable of quickly drawing items to the screen. Graphical Processing Unit 4. A graphics card capable of running the Aero Theme must have drivers certified to which standard (select two)? A. DirectX, B. WDDM 5. All device drivers are considered safe to install if they are __ by…show more content…
To make this disk accessible in both operating systems, you decide to format it as (select all that apply): B. NTFS, C. FAT32, D. FAT16 12. Your computer is capable of starting more than one operating system. Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 95 SR1 are both installed, but to different hard disks in the computer. A third hard disk will be used to hold data that is used by both operating systems. To make this disk accessible in both operating systems you decide to format it as: D. FAT16 13. The main network protocol used to communicate between Windows 7 computers is: A. TCP/IP 14. Windows 7’s version of TCP/IP supports the newer standard called __. B. IPv6 15. A feature of Windows designed to provide easy access to helpful mini-applications and utilities is called ___. E. Gadgets 16. Which networking component included with Windows 7 supports sending IPv6 traffic over IPv4 networks? A. Teredo 17. A driver that has full access to all hardware and the memory of the computer has what type of security level? A. kernel mode 18. A hardware vendor’s product has passed Microsoft testing and has received a certified logo. Updated drivers for the hardware can be obtained from the manufacturer and from which Microsoft Web site? B. Windows Update 19. Some hardware can be added to the computer without having to restart or power down the computer. After a short period of time the device driver automatically loads and
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