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Anonymous March 19, 2013 Mr. -------, Mr. ------- Grand Tour Temple of Saturn The Temple of Saturn was one of the most important structures in Roman society, because it signified all of their major values as a whole, in one place, and today the Temple stands in ruins, at the foot of Capitoline Hill, on the Western side of the Forum Romanum. The origin of the Temple of Saturn is hard to determine, since the only records we have are the reconstructions of the Temple, and not the date or period it was first made. Construction of the temple is thought to have begun in the later years of the Roman Kingdom under Tarquinius Superbus, but the first actual record that we have, is that it was reconstructed around 42 B.C., by Munatius Plancus.…show more content…
The generals who were granted a triumph were called triumphators, and thus had a triumphal arch built to commemorate them. These arches serve as evidence that the Romans held their glory in high regard, and the Temple serves as a way teaching us of the Romans’ dedication to their quest for glory, which was passed down to them by the Greeks, and was also a small window leading to a better understanding of their culture. The third and final purpose of the Temple became the most important purpose in their time, because of the fellowship, and feasts that occurred during Saturnalia, which occurred on December 17th of the Julian calendar. Saturnalia was one of the most important holidays in the Roman’s time, since it brought a different attitude to the people during the celebration. During the event, Roman slaves and senators, and all classes between, would gather at the Temple, and celebrate as equals, and would come to recognize their friendships with people. The festival was unique, because instead of the slaves running the celebration, and doing all of the work behind it, the masters of the slaves would do the work, and serve their slaves throughout the feasts. People would recognize their greater friendships with people, by bringing gifts to their friends, and the gifts would symbolize how good of a relationship the people had. After the gifts, the celebration turned into a
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