Quiznos Case Study Essay

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What is the current state of the Quiznos brand?
Quiznos Subs, founded in 1981 is based in Denver, Colorado. It was designed for busy consumers looking for high quality subs as an alternative to fast food. Quiznos is currently located in fifty states and over thirty countries.
Quiznos recently filed Chapter Eleven and what was once a franchise of over 5,000 stores is now only 2,100.(Quiznos Files for Bankruptcy, n.d) They are currently focusing on restructuring the company in order to reduce their debt by over four hundred million dollars. This plan they hope will renew the brand and reinforce what Quiznos original plan was. (Quiznos Files for Bankruptcy, n.d ) Their debt in total is over five hundred and seventy million.
Quiznos two
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(Quiznos Files for Bankruptcy, n.d )
What is Quiznos's market share compared to Subway, and how much market share is available in the sandwich segment globally?
Quiznos’s biggest threat is that it competes with Subway’s $5 foot long, Subway is successful due to how it advertises itself also.(QSRweb, n.d) Quiznos competitive advantage is that it has way more variety, from the sizes of their subs, to various different options and way zestier ingredients. As far as market share they are a competitor in the fast food market. Their market share is very small compared to Subway. Quiznos saw a fall in market share of over 50% which was from 5,000 to now only 2,100 stores. (QSRweb, n.d) Quiznos is now behind Subway the leader and Jimmy Johns at second. Subway has over 40,000 stores globally so there is no comparison. (QSRweb, n.d) Quiznos did not only struggle with Subway as far as pricing globally but also with the Jared campaign of 2000 that focused on healthier foods pleasing the average consumer who are health conscious.
There is an increase in overall market share of the sandwich segment globally as it is said that consumers are purchasing sandwiches away from home versus making them and taking them from home, like the days of old. Consumer demand is there because of the need for lower prices, fresher ingredients, healthier items and more variety. While there was a major closing
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