REBT Essay

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a.) Mental health consoling is offer in schools across the country. Most schools offer some form of REBT. b.) The schools try and help those with mental illnesses c.) ABC’s is how REBT is typically used. d.) ABCDE framework is used for problem solving in REBT. e.) This article talks about disputation which is when one examines their own thoughts an beliefs. f.) The process of REBT takes a long time, years. g.) The length of REBT matters in terms of the effectiveness of the therapy. h.) This research studied Adults, children and adolescents. i.) REBT is not studied very often in adults. The study in this article did not show sufficient evidence. j.) Views a.) Ellis expanded how psychotherapy works. He added his own spin with the emphasis on …show more content…

e.) Not in this artical f.) Not in this article g.) REBT is cognitive restructuring, after working with a therapist the treated clients did show progress. h.) In a percentage of the participants by the end they did not meet criteria for PTSD. Therefore, CBT does work for some of the clients in a positive way. i.) CBT is effective across all trauma populations as long as they are experiencing help for their other symptoms as well. j.) Views a.) The measures between therapy and behavior. b.) The client is encouraged to communicate, focus on issues, and shows a change of attitudes and behaviors. c.) The changing in behaviors and beliefs d.) This particular study used the Matarazzo Checklist of Therapist Behavior. e.) Making changes in thoughts is the main method of CT. f.) Counselors provided weekly sessions where they and the client when over video tapes. These videotapes depicted different behaviors and they would react. g.) Therapy was an effective way to find help. CT is helpful on its own. h.) Cognitive therapy was very effective in this study. i.) Views a.) Sometime medicine is not affective for adult ADHD this study was supposed to see if CT was effective in treating adult ADHD. b.) At one point in history ADHD was considered to only effected children. This is not true adults suffer with it too. c.) The dysfunction in this study was the clients with ADHD. d.) CT is a way to get a person with ADHD to get a little more organized

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