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RSR is a radiation survey robot or in other words detecting radiation levels remotely. RSR uses a boron gallium nitride (BGaN) semiconductor in which the Boron (B) atom acts as a neutron converter. During operation, RSR will find a low-level radiation source while avoiding obstacles. Once the source is found, RSR will announce its presence.

High levels of radiation can be hazardous to humans. This detector can be used to determine the environmental radiation levels to limit exposure to radiation. However, these instruments will not shield the user from hazardous radiation. Mounting the detector on a robot allows the robot to detect hazardous radiation level to determine if it is safe for humans. Radiation is everywhere. RSR …show more content…

However, new methods of high-speed and high-resolution neutron detection are necessary for such real-time imaging. Currently, mainstream neutron detectors are comprised of counter tubes and scintillators;9 however, a new, faster, and more sensitive technique is needed. To do this, semiconductor material is expected as a new neutron detector, and was already proposed in many applications. The neutron detector using semiconductor material like boron carbide (BC) or microstructured Si substrate was proposed and developed.10–12 Such neutron detection devices require a high-quality pn diode property, the material selection of neutron capture cross section, and the selection of semiconductor material for low γ -ray detection sensitivity. For this purpose, 10B atoms, which have large neutron capture cross sections, could potentially be used along with gallium nitride (GaN) as a wide-gap semiconductor. In neutron detectors, the neutron capture element is among the most important components, and 155Gd, 157Gd, 10B, and 3He are used for capturing neutrons, as discussed in Ref. 13. In our study, we considered a new alloyed semiconductor material comprising 10B atoms. The neutron-radiation mass attenuation coefficients of 10B atoms are the second largest among those of all elements.13

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