Rabbits As Animal Model To Assess Impact Of Moringa Oliefera On Female Fertility

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Hormonal Studies;
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The endocrinology of reproduction is vital reproductive machineries that drive reproductive processes. This study was designed using rabbits as animal model to assess impact of Moringa oliefera on female fertility by determining the status of major reproductive hormones of hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis. Serum LH, FSH progesterone, oestradiol and prolactin are the basic essential reproductive endocrinal biochemical biomarkers for the investigation of fertility and the functionality of reproductive axis (hypothalamic/pituitary/gonadal axis) (Harris and Naftolinf., 1970) in female animals. The concentration of FSH influences the number of follicles that are (Ca´rdenas and Pope 2013).

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This is in line with Joshi and Joshi (1992) who reported that anti fertility herbs especially those used as contraceptives interferes with pituitary gonadotropin secretions which affects the functionality of ovary by direct inhabiting ovulation and interference with fertilization, implantation and gestation or pregnancy. However, the mechanism of action is still not very clear. The phyto-compounds in the test plant responsible for the observed dose related reduction of key reproductive hormones (FSH, LH and oestradial) may be related to flavonoids, glucosinolates, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins and cinnamates which was reported to as effective agent in plants use for abortion ((Tarafder , 1982; Nath et al., 1992; 1997; Amaglo et al. 2010; Coppin et al. 2013; Torres-Castillo et al., 2013). These compounds may be acting alone or in synergism to each other to influence negatively reproductive axis to precipitate reduction in FSH, LH and oestrogen concentration observed in this study. Farooq et al. (2012) reported that Moringa oliefera have anti-fertility activity. Also, Prakash, et al., (1987) in their study with aqueous extract of the root and bark of Moringar olieferas observed post-coital anti-fertility effect in rat and also induced fetal resorption at late pregnancy. In another study analysing anti reproductive potential of folk medicinal plants, Moringa oliefera leaf extracts were found to be 100% abortive with doses equivalent to 175 mg/kg of

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