Race And Class, Race, And Race

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This article discusses the thought and preconceived notions that race is the major determining factor of the health outcomes of persons living in Baltimore, an urban area. However, what was found is that the place matters. Furthermore, what I was able to understand in greater depth is that there are deeply rooted racial issues in the United States of America despite the legislation that has been passed to eliminate such issues. In addition, what I was able to dissipate was that the researchers were not able to determine which was more important or prevalent, race or place in seeking to accomplish health equity.
In addition, the controversy was is it “race and class” or “race or class”. My conclusion is that it is both. Race is unfortunately reflective of where you live. Despite, the Fair Discrimination Act of 1964 and several laws both state and federal to prevent discrimination in housing it still exists. Housing discrimination affects ones access to activities that can decrease chronic illnesses and the access to good healthcare. I have some thoughts concerning this statement” Racial segregation creates different exposures to economic opportunity and to other community resources that enhance health”. The reason I have questions about this statement is because in the “Jim Crow” era until the late 1960’s there were several communities of segregated Black populations that did very well economically. For example, Sweet Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia and Black Wall Street

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