Race, Education, And Perception Of Crime Essay

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Introduction The government duty is to protect the citizens and serve their best interest through different actions such as laws and policies being implemented. As citizens, we have needs that sometimes are hard for the government to address. Recently, the government have been under scrutiny with the way they have handled issues and cases relating to police brutality. Which has caused an up rise in many communities. The failure of the government to protect citizens has caused many individuals to not have confidence in our current system. This study will examine as to whether or not race, education, and perception of crime are factors when it come to confidence in the government. I predicted that a persons’ racial identity and education level might affect whether they have confidence in the government. Confidence in the government has a significant effects on race and education;however, there is no significant when it pertains to class identification. The purpose of this study is to understand what can cause a person to have or lack confidence in the judicial system. This research is significant because it can help government officials understand and improve the relationship between certain groups when it comes to building a more confidence in the system for those groups. Several scholars have suggested that confidence in the government is not based on race, education, or gender, but more on the experience of the individual with the government. Literature review Citizens have

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