Racial Discrimination

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Rough Draft Did you know that when famous people such as Colin Kaepernick decide to protest something it affects millions of people? Standing with your hand over your heart while the National Anthem is being played is showing respect, but some people decide to kneel for the national anthem to protest racial inequalities. Although singing the National Anthem before a National Football League (NFL) game has been a long-standing tradition, many players are choosing to protest racial inequalities which makes some people happy to see a change, some people very upset to see our country disrespected, and also makes famous people speak up and say their opinion. The people who are often protesting say that they never are trying to disrespect our country or our military. This protest against racial inequality is lead by Former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick. He said in an interview “We have never intended to disrespect anyone or anything while protesting.” (Jill Martin, CNN.com) Some people get easily offended about certain topics that they support. For example one time a woman from Ireland had a concert in the United States, and she chose not to sing the national anthem. Some people got very upset and angry that she didn’t sing the national anthem. She said she did not want to sing a patriotic song for a country that was not her own. People understood why she did this and accepted it. (Our National Anthem pg 42) Another time a woman was chosen to sing

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