Racial Profiling Over Policing

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Subsequently, it leads to their over-policing. This concept revolves around the notion that police do their jobs ‘too well’ and uses excessive force in confrontations with certain groups (Porat, 2008:416). It is ultimately the personification of racial profiling. Wortley and Bempah’s study (2011:397) shows that racial profiling is a grave problem that black Torontonians face, as 57% respondents believed that it is a major problem. This statistic is reinforced in the same study as 47% of blacks perceived their encounters with police as unfair, in contrast to just 12% of Whites (Wortley & Bempah, 2011:400). They were not given a thorough or specific reason for their stops, as they reported that they faced hostility and disrespect in their encounters.
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