Racisim in the World We Live In

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What is racism in the world that we live in? Racism as we know it dates back to ancient times. In the society that we live in today racism is defined as a person that believes a certain human race is superior to any or all others. When someone treats another race with inferiority it causes people to be unequal. Whether it is the difference in skin color or culture racism has affected the world in thousands of ways and for thousands of years. Our ancestors have gone through the question of what makes one man believe that he is better than another. It is troubling that even today we still deal with this problem. The use of racism needs to be abolished from the media representation, government discrimination, and education. These solutions can solve some of society’s dilemma with racism. To begin with the media representation of racism plays a significant role in society. The world we live in today is influenced by what the media shows and portrays. It reinforces people’s values and norms. It also perpetuates certain ways of perceiving the world and people within this world. When the media only shows you the negative that is all people ever see.
It’s in the movies and even on the news. The media encourages influencing the audience’s stereotype on different groups of people. If you look at minorities in the media today they are always associated with words like criminal, rapist, and drug dealer. The world will hear and see these negative connotations and it will change their

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