Racism And Discrimination In Nebraska

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Racism has been a core problem in the United States of America ever since the country was founded two centuries ago. The country has repeatedly seen discrimination against the black Community by the hands of the White community. Along with time, this racial discrimination based on color has been reduced through extensive programs and new ideologies by state-run programs as well as by programs that are federally funded. However, the same cannot be said for the state of Nebraska. This is because Nebraska has stated representatives who are racist against the Black Community, educational institutes where racism is at an all-time high, and societies in state cities where racism continues to be tolerated by the vast majority of people who live in…show more content…
In one such event, it was witnessed by the entire city as to how the state senator back then, namely John decamp, was actively working against the black community of the state. He had gone as far as to say that he did not believe black people to be human beings, and degraded them as something that is more closely linked to animals than to men (Parks, 1984). While many had stayed quiet against racist remarks and comments in the years before this remark, once John DeCamp had called black people as a community that is lower than human beings, it was about time that the state of Nebraska somewhat urged to stop discrimination and racism. However, the black community was most peaceful when it came to making John DeCamp and similar folk of Nebraska realized that what the black community does is only in the benefit of the state and the cities in which they exist and that what they do is not meant to harm or endanger the state itself. Such actions by the Black community were more than enough to make it clear to the racist community of Nebraska as to how the black community wanted to proceed within the state, and how they would not tolerate further racist…show more content…
Racism in educational institutes of Nebraska is higher than one could ever expect it to be. Children are bullied on the basis of their skin color, they are degraded for the same reasons, and academic success often befalls the white community rather than the black community in such academic institutions because the black community is perceived as undeserving in the manner. Even the chancellor of Nebraska has admitted that he has witnessed racism in his own university and that there should be more done in order to excuse such racism and prevent it from happening ever again (Howard, 2015). This revelation and admittance came out after the UNL University had discovered increasing racism among students and faculty staff against the black community that persisted in the
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