Racism During The Civil Rights Era

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Makenna Johnson
Mrs. Walker
English 10
23 February 17 Racism in Children The time of racism, segregation, and discrimination in the Civil Rights era was a difficult time for many people: whites, other races, and even children. Racism brought the realization to many people to think about how racism might affect their children and the way they were brought up. The real interesting fact is, that even though most Americans showed concern towards children there wasn 't a large percentage that took in consideration the feelings, thoughts, and affects that African- Americans and other racial children, including whites had towards the consent segregation, discrimination, and racism that went on in the Civil Rights era. Even the …show more content…

It has been described in "Parents Fight" by Katie Nojimbadom, who indicates that most black parents fought for desegregation so they could give their children the best option for having any type of an education. Going along with wanting the best for children, DeNeen L. Brown says in his document on "Parents Keeping Kids Incident" says that when he was young, he wasn 't told or explained what was going on with segregation between blacks verses whites. This was the case because, his parents didn 't want him to get caught up in all the drama and have anger towards people. Either way each type of view has it 's own pros and cons, wether it 's wanting your children to have the same racist thought as you have or wanting to keep them insistent from the corruption of society. Overall it 's hard for children to grapple with someone 's beliefs because everyone wants to be right even if their completely wrong, so kids end up not knowing the truth. Many people usually just skip over what the beliefs of children are but, thats wrong children are the most effected by racism, segregation, and discrimination because they are the ones who will have to live with the outcome of all the marches, protest, and court cases about racism. For African American kids their thoughts were probably not shared that often due to the time period of the

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