Racism Is Still With Us

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“Racism is still with us. However, it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome. - Rosa Parks Black people are more likely to face inequity. Discrimination and racism are manifested in the facets of everyday life for many Black people, i.e. healthcare, employment, and education; Black people have limited resources (National Research Council, 2004) a more recent reference will be better. Parents have developed protective mechanisms to shield their children from racism, prejudice, discrimination and other bigoted behaviors. They use racial socialization as buffers to ignorance and despair (Adams-Bass et al., 2014; Thomas and Blackmon, 2015; Littlefield, 2008; Sanders-Thompson, 1994; Stevenson, 1995; Thomas and Speight, 1999; Hughes et al., 2006 & Martin and McAdoo, 2007).
As documented in Stevenson (1994), many researchers view racial socialization as synonymous with, “cultural transmission, socialization environment, race-related messages, parental values transmission, cultural parenting, ethnic socialization, and others”. Despite the numerous descriptors, for the purpose of this study, racial socialization is used to describe what is known as rearing youth with the knowledge and tools to implement actions to better their racial group, for their self-respect, personal identity, social positions, racial pride, intergroup relations, and ultimately how one should feel regarding their cultural heritage; with also
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