Racism, Racism And Ethnic Diversity Essay

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Problem Statement
In recent times, racist activities have been prevalent in American communities which is a long standing issue between blacks and whites especially in colleges and the society at large. A freshman at ETSU counter protested along with the black racial group in a provocative way to showcase the depth of the tussle between blacks and whites in the USA.
Problem Statement Description
Racism and ethnic diversity has been “America’s” tradition towards the blacks and other racial groups since the early 1620’s up till date (John, 2016). With the recent incident at ETSU, it indicates a long trend of struggle about blacks being not generally accepted by the whites. The recent hate speech and racially charged taunting that happened at ETSU was a contribution of management problem and organizational problem.
Considering the magnitude of different racial groups(students) at ETSU with respect to racism rate in America, ETSU management should have implemented proactive measure rather than reactive measures to discourage racism within the university. The management made a simple decision by expelling Tristan Rettke out of the university and never will he be enrolled in the future. Such steps indicate that the institution respects everyone irrespective of color and there’s no preference in dealing with individuals. Factors either from management, technology or organizational that contributed to this problem which shall be discussed briefly below.
Management Factor
One of
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