Racism Research Paper

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After researching racism, I have found out that racism continues more and more every day. There never really has been an end to the ongoing discrimination. Trying to figure out why this continues is difficult. The only thing that is coming out of this is that we cannot let others be able to be themselves. Even to be able to walk out in public and not being judged at all is extremely hard.
Some people cannot place all of this hatred behind them and move on with life. Racism will never turn back to civil war again that occurred years ago. Blacks then were not allowed to be in certain places or work where there were whites. They were to be separated and they were not allowed to be out at certain times of the night. The Blacks were usually
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The main reason due to this probably mostly deals with the kids not thinking that it bothers them or they don’t believe they are offending anyone (Ozmon,191). Usually no matter what is said about someone is usually hurting him or her or you are knocking them down. Especially in a school, everyone should be treating each other with complete respect. They should be able to attend school to earn their education not to be bullied since they already catch enough of that outside of school. Blacks also had an extremely hard time in continuing their education due to colleges not wanting to accept them. Most of the blacks were joining into the military since that was the only way for them to live peaceful and not worry about being criticized. (Powell,…show more content…
Once he had finished writing his speech, he had traveled to different cities and states to tell all about the difference he wanted to cause and give everyone equal rights. He had formed a committee of people who would join him on the “March on Washington.” He had also included in his speech an allusion to Lincoln’s speech by beginning “Five Score and years ago.” After Luther gave his speech outside the state capital, the decision would take some time before it was confirmed that equal right would then be given to black and that racism would no longer be
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