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2.1 Introduction A radio is any kind of device that wirelessly transmits or receives signals in the radio frequency (RF) part of the electromagnetic spectrum to facilitate the exchange of information. In today's world, radios exist in a huge number of items such as computers, vehicles, cell phones and televisions. Traditional hardware based radio devices limit cross-functionality and can only be modified through physical intervention. This results in higher production costs and minimal flexibility in supporting multiple waveform standards. By contrast, software defined radio technology provides an efficient and comparatively reasonable solution to this problem [4]. In this chapter ,first we will defined the SDR ,in the second section we …show more content…

There is also the possibility that it can then be re-configured as upgrades to standards arrive, or if it is required to meet another role, or if the scope of its operation is changed [6]. The software defined radio technology uses software modules that run on a generic hardware platform consisting of digital signal processing (DSP) processors as well as general purpose processors to implement the radio functions to transmit and receive signals. An ideal receiver would be attaching an ADC to an antenna. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is used for signal processing. The digital signal processor generates a stream of output which is given to digital to analog converter. An ideal transmitter is also attached. The output is connected to the radio antenna. In this ideal system shown in figure 2-1 below, the antenna, ADC/DACs, and computer are capable of processing any radio signal of interest in real-time. There are many different levels of SDR and many ways in which a software defined radio may be designed. A software defined radio SDR can be considered to contain a number of basic functional blocks as detailed in figure 2-2: Figure 2 2: Block diagram of Software Defined Radio [8] • RF front-end which

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