Raising The Bar Of Ethics Case Study

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Raising the Bar of Ethics

A Christian bookshop was involved in the rocket of selling pirated CDs and DVDs at a lesser price to attract customers. This shop would price them at 30% of the cost of the genuine ones. In another instant, a Christian publisher breached the agreement and printed more than permitted quantity and there was no response to the query from the copyright owner. Obviously, the ease of doing things and getting bigger revenue had driven these two cases too far from ethics. Such an instant is tip of the ice berg of a serious violation of ethical norms.

Visual ethics is an emerging interdisciplinary field of scholarship that brings together religious studies, philosophy, photo and video journalism, visual arts, and …show more content…

It is an intellectual property of author(s) and publisher. Failing to comply is like barging into another person’s property for robbery.

Usage of Images
For a publication the images on the cover or inside has to be either the own photograph, artwork or downloaded from free websites. Images from sites like, can be used only after purchasing and not by downloading the preview images.

Using the Content
The content of any book from cover to cover belongs to the author or the publisher. Unless a written permission is obtained for storing in physical or electronic form for reuse, it is prohibited. One must not resort to plagiarism and similar illegal use of others’ intellectual properties, like ideas, and thoughts. Acknowledging the source or referred resource in bibliographical format is a basic etiquette in writing. This applies to online references / resources and full URL has to be mentioned in the acknowledgement.

The technology is so handy that any book can be photocopied or converted into PDFs as well. Floating PDFs among groups is evidence to this fact. Even costly books and Bibles are not spared from this sort of abuse. As responsible stewards, we should create awareness and curtail such habits in us and in others. There are some e-books meant for free circulation which can be shared with

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