Ramburuth And Prem

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Ramburuth and Prem explain that the purpose of the study is to research the learning style preferences and approaches to students who have Asian backgrounds, and it compares to Australian students’ data. The sample is composed of seventy-eight fresh international Asian students and 110 Australian students, studying at the same university. There are three key “approaches to learning”: one is “ deep approach” (generally associated with understanding meaning and utilizing information), second is “surface approach” (often involve the memorizing of facts and reproduction of information), and third is “ achieving approach” (focusing on obtaining the highest possible grades). Asian international students demonstrate obviously higher use of deep motivation, surface and achieving strategies. They are more organized, and more focused in that study skills and managing…show more content…
The international students tend to perform well in examinations, achieve high grades, be more competitive, and generally achieve highly in their studies. In other words, they are basically more “intrinsically involved” in the pursuit of their studies. For Asian students, the impact of socio-cultural and environmental factors could include prior learning experiences in home countries, fewer distractions while studying away from home, family pressure and expectations, and the costs and short time-spans for studying abroad. On the other hand, influential factors could be busy social schedules, family commitments, heavy workloads, study-related activities and the need to balance all of these for Australian students. Differences identified on the constructs of group and individual learning suggest that cultural values relating to collectivism and individualism might be important elements in influencing students’ learning style
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