Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles Essay

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Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles

If the Martian Chronicles had been written in the 1999’s instead of fifty years ago, many issues and problems would change. Ray Bradbury wrote his book in 1946. In it he wrote about problems such as censorship, man’s cruelty to man, and loneliness. Each issue shows up in one or two of his chronicles. All of his issues affect every one of his characters in many different ways.

Censorship is a main problem or issue today, and in the book it shows up in one of his chronicles, “Usher II”. In this chronicle, a man builds a house of Usher. One man points (he was from a group that was against all forms of imagination) out, “No books, no houses, nothing to be produced which in any way …show more content…

K., or Yll. Yll gets jealous and demands that Ylla not leave the house. He thinks that she has fallen in love with the earthling. While she is at home waiting like a good wife, he goes out and shoots the men, not even thinking of his wife.

The form of cruelty in that chronicle is less physical and more on the note of just trying to keep your wife happy. Yll did not even regard his wife and only had his own intentions intended upon. In “The Off Season” it is more of not listening to your wife when she is right and even a little bit of physical violence.

In “The Off Season”, Sam Parkhill pushes his wife down and won’t listen to her when they are in trouble, even though she was right most of the time. The entire time, she tells him what she thinks he should do, and he doesn’t listen to her. One incident happened when aliens (who were really nice) were chasing them and the wife told him to stop and talk to the aliens. He just pushed her down and kept on going, and when he finally did stop, the aliens gave him a present. Proving that the wife was right the entire time.

Today, family cruelty happens more often than it should. Husband on wife, wife on husband, or parents on children are the most common. Abused children are likely to grow up to abuse their children too. Family members can even be taken advantage of, too. Sometimes it can be an illness that makes them abuse others, or alcohol. Most of

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