Reaching Magnet Status Of Nurses

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Reaching Magnet Status Registered nurses are healthcare professionals who have a profound impact on patient’s lives and are a key component in providing quality care to patients. Nurses have made tremendous contribution to care in the healthcare field today. This is what nurses are known for, and what they have always done and will continue to do. Whether they are providing care for the sick and injured, treating wounds, giving medications or educating patients and their families, nurses have a far more integral role in patient care than any other health care professional. Additionally, nurses provide compassion and emotional support to patients and their families, which is a skill, most health care providers do not harness. Despite these vast responsibilities, there are issues that exist within the workplace that make it difficult for nurses to achieve the high standard they expect of themselves. Large amounts of paperwork, nursing shortage, facilities with inadequate resources, overtime, long shifts, and lack of communication, are some examples of this (Kelly, McHugh, & Aiken 2011). The concept of magnet status can provide nurses with the tools necessary to navigate the problems that are inherent within the nursing profession. Magnet status is one of the highest national recognition for excellent nursing practice in hospitals (ANCC, 2015). It is considered the “gold standard” (Luzinski, 2011). Magnet status recognizes the capability and competence of the
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