Reaction Paper On Bacteriophages

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Due to the rise in antibiotic resistance, bacteriophage research is rising in hopes to be a possible replacement option. Not only do they have the potential to help in the medical realm, but also to help control bacterial populations on food sources. Thus, this study is involved in important research to help isolate and identify a new phage that may be the breakthrough that propels and furthers the research on the high potential of the various applications phages can have in a multitude of industries. The host bacteria used in this study was Arthrobacter sp which meant that the phages that were studied were specific to this bacterium. This phage was collected and then placed through a series of tests that consisted of isolating, …show more content…

Understanding the importance of these seemingly simple, yet extremely multi-variable and diverse particles can be beneficial in the coming future of the science world. Scientists Breeann Kirby and Jeremy J. Barr discuss the growing failure of antibiotics over the last few decades, and how researchers are now turning to lytic phages for bacterial control in the US food industry, commercial agriculture, and veterinary medicine (Kirby et al. 2013). Thus, proving that bacteriophages can play a major role in multiple industries that fuel society and the economy forward. Which only highlights the importance of this up and coming research field. An industry that is split upon this new form of treatment among a ray of issues in the medical community. However, this debate should not be overlooked but rather welcomed so that progress can be made. Carl Zimmer explains that it may be hard to imagine a world before antibiotics, let alone a world where antibiotics are not the only weapon with the ability to fight against bacteria (Zimmer, 2011). There is no denying that antibiotics are becoming less effective every year as the resistance to drugs continues to evolve. This is an issue that cannot be ignored which is where talk about Phage therapy begins to emerge which may ultimately prove to be of great clinical value one day. There are

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