Reaction Paper On Delirium

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"Delirium is a serious disturbance in a person's mental abilities that results in a decreased awareness of one's environment and confused thinking" (The Mayo Clinic, 2012). A common trend I have noticed at my facility is the increased frequency of hospital admissions from (SNF) Skilled nursing facilities. The resident is sent to the hospital under a psychiatric hold due to an alteration in mental status with aggression. During the RN-RN handoff report, the nurse will state that the resident sits in their room all day but will act out by refusing medications and striking at staff. The resident does have some good moments, but has unpredictable or erratic behavior. Once on our unit it is discovered that the patient has an active urinary tract infection coupled with dehydration and a lost hearing aid; all of which are treatable at the SNF. "Treating delirium involves providing good basic care, such as ensuring patients are getting enough fluids and nutrients"(Collier, R., 2012). Education to healthcare workers needs to increase to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. Placing a person on a psychiatric hold and sending them to the hospital can be very traumatizing to elderly clients as well as expensive. A patient exhibiting confusion followed by periods of clarity (lucidity) is the hallmark of Delirium therefore adapting mental health assessments to daily physical assessments is paramount in early detection. According to, “Nearly 30 percent of older

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