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Despite the growing power and spread of the Internet, there are still some reasons that I often prefer to read books. As a growing adult I have really become more interested in self help books and books that teachers have written that are really connectable to my daily experience within life. I find that this experience in finding these types of books really help me to have great experience with reading and really enjoy reading. The only aspect of reading or bad memory that I can remember about reading is during high school when I was forced to read books that I did not like and did not enjoy. I found that I would not read the book and this made me a “bad” reader within the eyes of the curriculum. After that point in high school I gave up on reading until coming to Denver Colorado where my teachers inspired me with teacher information and reading classes where I really got to establish myself as a reader and a writer.

Describe where you have lived and what your schools were like. My name is Alexis McCormick, and I have been a student here at the college since August 17, 2015. I moved to Littleton Colorado on August 15, 2015. I am originally from Rapid City, South Dakota. This is a small town and the classroom sizing was very small as well. I remember my overall learning to read experience being very successful throughout my elementary and middle school years. I love Colorado and going to school here, however the transition from a small hometown school to a big city with

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