Reading Comprehension As An Intermediate Level

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Reading Comprehension- Jennifer told me that she is able to understand only the basics of English, but she is not able to understand big/difficult words. She does not like to read and she does not read too often. Jennifer only reads when she needs to read in school, but she does not read outside school. As far as I know, she is not doing well in the class and she is been getting F’s since she started the school year. Her tests scores have been very low and one reason it could be that she does not comprehend everything that she is reading. Due to the low scores, I would also consider her reading comprehension as an Intermediate level because she understands the basics.

Listening Comprehension- Jennifer does not have a good listening comprehension since she does not understand the lecture. The teacher always needs to give her time during class because she does not understand all the material. She says that she understands better when she reads than when she is listening. Again, I would consider that her listening comprehension level is Intermediate.

Informal, Every Day language- From my point of view, Jennifer uses more informal language in her every day life. I think that her academic English vocabulary is not complex. For instance, “

Young people that use social media or any other type of activity such as texting, tagging, and computer games tend to learn what is called the “slang” language. Many teenagers abbreviate words or most of the time they make the words shorter.

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