Reading Information On Mini Lessons And Guided Reading

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Reading I learned so much from the reading information that was given to us over the span this course. Everything that I received is so wonderful and exciting, but because of the mass information, I did feel a little overwhelmed. All of the information on mini lessons and guided reading was so valuable because I did not know much about it, but this course and the information provided really simplified it for me. I also really appreciate the information on the reading strategies, particularly the first paper on strategies that work, because again, it simplifies the concepts for me. That combined with the 12 systems of strategic action sheet are wonderful tools that taught me so much about strategies. In all honesty, I learned a lot in this…show more content…
It will be years before I can successfully accomplish all that I learned in this class, but I am excited to get started with one or two concepts. Writing This was the tab section that I was most disappointed with, I know that I did learn new concepts, but we went through it all so quickly that I struggle to remember it all. Learning the simplicity of the mini lesson for writer’s workshop was great, and I really loved all of the information from the packet on charts from launching the writing workshop. Again, this is all really new information. Other than any overlap from the textbooks, it was all completely new! I would like to learn a lot more about writing, it would be nice to see more examples of mini lessons and how to address each aspect of the writing workshop, via mini lessons. However, I do have the internet and youtube to teach me a lot, so that is a great resource. I am excited to get more practice with writing workshop mini lessons in our next class, and to see all of the examples my classmates come up with. Because of the load of information, I am still sifting through a lot and unsure of specific questions, but I know that I have a lot more reading and researching to do on this topic. Vocabulary and Word Study Something that I learned in this section was the importance of pre-assessing. I probably would not have thought of this for vocabulary, but it makes sense. Why teach your students words
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