Realism And Mary Gaitskill's Six Motives For Creative Writing

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When interpreting art, there are many questions that can be asked. Who made the art? What was their inspiration? Is this true art? The list of questions go on and on. But, there is really no wrong question. It all depends on your perspective and curiosity. Perspective is something that everyone has; it shows the way that their brain thinks and it also shows opinions. In my perspective, the most important question is why make art? Unit 1: Why Make Art was a great thing to start off with. The unit not only gave us knowledge to walk away with, but we learned many of the reasons of why people do make art. I learned why Realists and Romantics make art, how and why the use of machines is making art, and Mary Gaitskill’s six motives for creative writing.

The Realist and Romantic Era was very different from each other, but at the same time, they attributed similar characteristics and traits. When we were in class discussing the movie we watched on realism, I noticed that realists were usually black and white. They painted to show what the real world was like. The artists objective was not to make you lust for what everyday people already have. The realists showed true emotions. They showed what it was like to be a working man, stay at home mom, Realism showed war and so much more. The point of making art was to show reality and the truth of human nature. The name itself is self-explanatory; Realism. I am a realistic person, however, I am not strictly black and white biased. The

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