Reality TV Promotes Entitlement And Materialism In Young Adults

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Considering older generations did not have reality TV, it is easy to understand how they might perceive younger people to possess a negative sense of entitlement when watching reality television instead of simply being motivated. There is no denying that reality TV promotes entitlement and materialism in young adults, but is it that bad? Many of these young adults see this as motivation and a way to achieve what others have achieved. They use reality TV as a tool to go out and get what they want. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be entitled to something as long as you are willing to work hard to achieve what you want. If reality TV can serve as motivation to get the youth up off of their tales, and to make something of themselves, then there is no problem with it. Some may argue that reality TV serves as a false reality of the way riches can be obtained, but so does college. Going to college doesn’t guarantee you a spot in this world, but there’s nothing wrong with being motivated by it. Going to college to obtain what you want out of life –such as a fancy car, beautiful …show more content…

One cannot simply categorize an entire generation of people as lazy or undeserving simply because they don’t do things the way others once did them. I think of Millennials as innovative and creative. We’ve adapted our own sophisticated culture of communication and made it into something that has the potential to connect us with older generations. Social Media has expanded the way we communicate, as opposed to limit it. As mentioned earlier, younger people are seen to have poor communication skills, but I’d say that we have vast communication skills. These skills have connected us not only with each other but globally with others across the world as well. We can communicate with people across the world every day, way more frequently and conveniently than that of previous

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