Reasons To Love The Iphone X

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The IPhone X is the newest and possibly greatest IPhone yet, but we can’t forget the previous IPhone’s. Such as the IPhone SE, my very first phone and my very favorite. There are many reasons to love the IPhone SE, for example, its’ price, size, camera and battery. Even though these are reasons to love the IPhone SE, these examples come with benefits, then also come with cons. My first review about the IPhone SE is about the price. It is around 400 or 500 dollars, which in my opinion should be a little less money than what it is, such as 200 or 300 dollars, but what would make it cost this much is the updates. The updates make it worth the price because of the great things they do for the phone, like more apps available, more …show more content…

First off, according to many websites and businesses the IPhone SE’s battery lasts about 9.5 hours, and the IPhone 6s battery only lasts 7.45 hours. Which is great for people who take their phones everywhere and need them. Also, even if the battery runs low, say 20%, the battery saver that you can turn on for your phone could make it last almost twice as long as it should, which is also a great thing to have for your phone, but if your tabs are open on your IPhone, it makes the battery drain very fast. The amount of tabs you have open can affect the battery by about 20%, but the solution to that is easy; just close your tabs! The final review I had in mind is about the camera quality. On many websites I have read that the IPhone SE quality is not the best and could use some work, but I believe otherwise. Let’s start with the zoom: The camera zoom I would say has exceptionally good quality, even though Apple decided to keep the front facing camera on the iPhone SE practically identical to the iPhone 5s. One problem about the camera is the sometimes blurriness that happens. Say you were on a trip and you saw some spectacular bird fly across your view and you had only a few seconds to get the perfect picture, so you whip out your phone and are ready to take the picture when you notice the screen is blurry. You try so hard to get it unblurred but the camera cannot focus one the one object you want the picture

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