Reasons behind the Stamp Act Essay

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Britain was a very powerful empire, which, by force, took Native Indian land, and made it their colonial territory. These lands were obtained out of greed because the English crown wanted resources, power and money. The Stamp Act was a way to generate revenue to pay British military, but due to the amount of money generated it was used for many other purposes as well. Parliament established this act not only as a source of income, but as a way of showing colonists who ruled. England had, subconsciously, let the colonies have partial freedom on their governmental affairs; they did not expect it to affect them economically. Colonists were like England’s rebel child that had a leach way too long, and, once they started pulling at it,…show more content…
Britain however was an unfair parent because instead of looking out for the colonists best interested they were looking for their needs to be satisfied no matter what the action resulted in. The colonists might have rebelled against the mother country because maybe they felt used, and as if they were not real British citizens instead just a source of land, money and power.
Colonists were barely able to support themselves, nevertheless Britain still expected them to pay all taxes and follow all instructions given. This was an outrage in the eyes of the colonists because they felt that they were being taken advantage of. Britain knew that they needed to generate money and that paper was the one thing boosting creation wise in the colonies since now newspaper were being created and many legal documents were used. They took advantage of the somewhat technology of the colonies and tax all printed papers which were the colonists source of information. The parliament outsmarted the colonists because their lack of education and need for information drove them to pay the high prices for obtaining legalization and information. This tax was originally created for support of the troops, but the abundance of money obtained helped parliament separate from the need for bribes
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