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4) My hope for this client would be to have a more positive outlook on life and, develop rational thinking. I hope that REBT will change her definition of success and recognize that life is not about how much money you have, rather the love and support you acquire through your relationships with others. Moreover, at the end of therapy, she will have the necessary tools and techniques in order for her to apply them in other areas of her life. Furthermore, my hope for my client would be that she becomes less critical of herself and others and, appreciate simplicity. I anticipate her being able to dispute irrational beliefs as soon as they cross her mind as well as, reshape her terminology and statements from self defeating, to motivating. Most importantly, to acquire the ability to have self-acceptance and accept others for who they are, instead of how she thinks they should be. I believe these abilities are beneficial for Jasmine, if she wants to live a happier and more meaningful life. By the end of the ten sessions, I would like to see a more independent woman, who is able to apply what she learned to all areas of her life. Likewise, I Case Analysis 10 would be willing to work with Jasmine on further issues such as, her mood or personality disorder,…show more content…
Moreover, REBT is a direct form of therapy between a client and counselor where unlike traditional forms of therapy, the client takes full responsibility for progress and is directly involved in the sessions. According to Ellis (1994), REBT is a dual-purpose form of therapy, which can treat disorders such as depression and anxiety. Furthermore, REBT can be taught not only by counselors but by clients who have been able to benefit from it, due to its simplicity (Bennett, 2003). REBT is challenging yet rewarding since, it requires the use of homework to ensure the clients remain motivated and active throughout the course of
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