Recess After High School Essay

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I remember back in elementary school days when school life was a lot simpler. There were no dances, no college applications, no ACT, and a lot less stress. After a couple hours of repetitive and boring classwork, students at most elementary schools got to experience something called recess. Recess was basically just a gym class that was not for a grade. It was a time when you could make new friends, relax from a hard day; which were not commonplace in these times, or just have a friendly game of basketball. Six years and plenty of glorious recess moments later, it all comes to an abrupt halt. You walk into middle school and feel your heart sink upon realizing that the rumors were true; no more recess. Why do most schools end recess after elementary…show more content…
Never fear though, because if you make good enough grades, you can receive a student discount. This makes all those good student discounts all the more valuable. According to, the student discount is “on average, a 5 to 15 percent discount.” To achieve a good driver discount, most companies only require you to have a 3.0 grade point average. This begs the question, are good students actually better at driving? Personally, i always thought of the good driver discount as a way to motivate kids to get good grades; not because there was actual data correlation between high GPA and driving safely. Alas, there is evidence that links the two. According to “A 2001 study published in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention found that students with a C or D average were 49% more likely to get into an accident within their first year with a driver’s license than those with an A or B average.”(Cohen) If that is the case, then the discount seems more than fair. While grades can keep your rates low, I don’t think grades tell you that much about a person. How is looking at a bunch of good grades telling me anything about someone other than they are an excellent rule follower and a good test taker? Some of the brightest people i have ever met were high school dropouts, so I don’t put too much stock into grades. Interactions with people are what i base my opinion of them on, not by a grading scale
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