Recommendations For Evaluation

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While they claim the data is still useful to the stakeholders, it is evident the amount of data and likely the analysis performed was likely less then what was desired. Recommendations by the Evaluators The evaluator recommends that the programs should be continued based on the results indicating that majority of recreation centers were meeting their performance objectives. Additionally, the evaluators suggest that the PAAS tool should be continued, but a different version should be used. Finally, the evaluators suggest that the evaluation process should be improved through centralizing the data collection process and develop a data cleaning process. Thoughts of the evaluation Interpretation of Conclusions The recommendations for the…show more content…
Improvements on the Evaluation Scope of Evaluation I would continue to use a mixed method approach in the evaluation of the summer programs. However, I would first address the survey and interview questions, and how the observation process occurred. Before doing anything else I would attempt to make sure that these questions being evaluated were being asked in a manner suited to the age appropriateness of the participants. This may entail that several different versions of the surveys to exist. I would also ensure that the number of questions each survey contained was limited in hopes to increase accuracy and completion due to the limited amount of time needed for completion. In the questions asked, I would make sure to ask how the summer program impacted the participants. Additionally, I would also survey the parents of the participants to get a take on what their perceptions of the summer program were. Criterion Following revamping the scope of the evaluation a criterion in which the data will be compared would be established. The established criterion would be presented in the evaluation in length. The current evaluation seems to arbitrarily make a judgment of the worth of the program, and there were no references to the criterion process used.
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