Recommending Intervention Activities That Promote Resilience And Wellness

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Recommend Intervention Activities That Promote Resilience and Wellness
Cultural context and communities provide challenges and areas of strength related to wellness and resilience. Cultural and community factors can include ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status and sexual identity (Hays, 1996) as well as national and geographical identities. Newman and Newman (2015) describe collectivist cultures as those that nurture interdependence, value success in the group, expects adherence to group and cultural norms, teach respect for elders and cultivate a sense of group ownership. These factors can have an impact on an individual’s concept of self.
For Black/African American students on college campuses, it is important to identify these particular aspects for proper mental health counseling treatment. Therefore, activities that promote resilience and wellness should include activities where students have opportunities to engage in groups, but are also able to maintain a sense of confidentiality. According to Goodman and Calderon (2012), mindfulness exercises offer clients non-judgmental, individual activities where thoughts have the possibility to move into the present moment. These exercises have also proven to reduce anxiety and stress. Examples of intervention activities that promote wellness and resilience include 15 minute breathing exercises or walking meditations on or off campus. These activities give students an opportunity to balance any thoughts, feelings, and
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