Reconstruction Era Reconstruction

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The United States of America has had its ups-and-downs throughout its life as a country. The nineteenth century, however, proved to be a particularly tumultuous period having been dotted with many important events ranging from the Civil War to Reconstruction and finally the settlement of the west. The Reconstruction Era specifically proved to be one of the biggest challenges America tackled during this period for it would be faced with the enormous task of reinstating the South, integrating freed Blacks, and recreating the South’s economy. After the Civil War’s close, the North was faced with the enormous task of reuniting with the seceded states which proved to be a very laborious task. The first problem incurred was who would take leadership over rebuilding the state governments of the ex-confederate states. This depended on your interpretation of the events. For instance, if the former Confederate states were conquered territories, then Congress was responsible for recreating their state governments. At the same time if these states never legally left the union (because the very act of secession was illegal) then the President would be responsible for their return. The answer to this question would affect the entire process of these states’ return because many Northerners had contrasting views on how the south should be reinstated. Some wanted the former Confederate states to return to the union with little to no changes made to their social, political, and

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