Recounting the Story of The Battle of Iwo Jima Essay example

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There are countless depictions of The Battle of Iwo Jima from the standpoint of Veterans and military historians. All of which are vivid interpretations of how monumental this battle was for the Marine Corp and 1944 American moral. The Battle of Iwo Jima was the single most contested piece of land that the Marine Corp had ever fought. In fact, the Marines lost more soldiers in this battle than any other battle they had fought, in their 238-year history. It was tough terrain with an enemy instructed to, “Kill 10 Americans before you will be killed”. (Smith, Iwo Jima, 2008) Paying respect to the veterans, I will attempt to tell the story of the Battle of Iwo Jima. “We built strength among us. We strengthened each other. That’s how we …show more content…

One division would split itself and take Mount Suribachi and the other would sweep northeast flushing out the remaining Japanese fighting force. The 3rd Marine division was to stay in reserve but after the fifth day of battle, fighting was fierce and they had to push the 3rd Marine division forward. The Japanese, under the leadership of General Kuribayashi, had over 20,000 Japanese soldiers. All told that many died on that island, either by the hand of the American fighting forces or by suicide, malnutrition, dysentery. The defenders had dug fortified positions inside the volcanic mountainside of Mount Suribachi and rocky island surfaces. General Kuribayashi went against the grain so to speak. The tactical procedure of the time was to put your forces on the beachhead and dig them into the sand. Instead of trying to fight an enemy that outnumbered them in every way thinkable, General Kuribayashi used a different approach to fighting war on Iwo. He went against his superior orders, pulled his men off their previously dug in positions, and had them use the rocky island as cover and concealment. They had more than 16 miles of tunnels within the mountainside and out laying rocks to retreat and escape bombardments of the invading force. He used tanks as artillery pieces and had hundreds of camouflaged positions all over the island. This included sniper positions, pillboxes, and fortified artillery positions. General Kuribayshi

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