Recovery Without Spirituality In Addiction Recovery: Rational Recovery

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Recovery without Spirituality Above, research has shown the importance of including spirituality in addiction recovery. However, unfortunately there are some programs that believe otherwise. Therefore, this section will examine a non-spiritual addiction recovery based program, Rational Recovery, in order to highlight the differences a non-spiritual program exhibits and how it can hinder one’s recovery. Rational Recovery was founded in 1986 by Jack Trimpey, a clinical social worker (Rational Recovery Systems, Inc. 2016). Trimpey’s program is a completely opposite approach than that of twelve step programs rooted in spirituality. Rational Recovery’s approach to addiction is also misguided and problematic initially though their definition …show more content…

Rational Recovery’s program does not have any meetings and actually discourages people from going to recovery meetings as the, “groups foster dependence and actively discourage self-recovery,” (Rational Recovery Systems, Inc. 2016). This form of recovery is extremely isolating and views addiction and recovery as a problem one has caused so now only they can fix it if one really want to. Also, it seems as if Rational Recovery struggles to distinguish between religiosity and spirituality as when asked if the program is against religion they replied, “AVRT-based recovery fits well with any religion except the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, (Rational Recovery Systems, Inc. 2016). This answer seemed like an immature, ill-informed critique of twelve step programs. Twelve step programs, specifically AA, make it explicitly clear that the fellowship is not religious, but dependent on what the individual would describe as a spiritual experience. Therefore, if Rational Recovery is against the “religion of the 12-step program”, they are simply against the notion that a spiritual experience is necessary for recovery. Consequently, since their definition for addiction is heavily misguided, it makes sense that their solution to addictions is equally misguided as …show more content…

other addiction treatments, such as Rational Recovery, fail to incorporate spirituality as a vital dimension in recovery due to the misunderstanding between religiosity and spirituality. The science community has always been at odds with religiosity and spirituality throughout history as research has shown. However, as we aim to become a more culturally competent society, looking at research that shows the importance of spiritual principles and practices in addiction recovery, should compel clinicians to incorporate it in other treatment programs besides twelve step programs. The inclusion of spirituality in addiction recovery should not be optional as it is not restricting one to a particular doctrine, but rather freeing an addict to obtain a healthy quality of life which is the ultimate goal. Arnold et. al

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